than the rest

The rugged automotive microphone from GRAS.

Provides accurate data under even the most challenging test conditions.

Resists shock, vibration, drop, water, dust and extreme temperatures.
High quality data - even when
measuring under the most
extreme conditions
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Automotive noise testing can be extremely demanding so you need a tough product to meet your expectations. That’s why GRAS has developed the 146AE - a measurement microphone especially designed to perform under extreme test conditions.

Setting up multichannel measurement systems multiple times a day exposes your equipment to additional shocks and drops. It’s important that your test systems are protected against vibrations, extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust and even oil mist.

Our answer is the 146AE - the world’s only measurement microphone set that is shock resistant, waterproof, dust and oil mist resistant and able to with-stand high temperatures - all without compromising measurement quality.

The strongest link in your measurement chain

Every detail of the 146AE microphone set has been developed to handle even the most challenging test conditions, with materials and mechanical design carefully selected for optimal performance.

Explore the benefits

Shock absorbing design

Carefully selected materials and a new innovative mechanical design of the microphone capsule and pre-amplifier adds a level of robustness never before seen in a measurement microphone

Shock absorbing grid

The grid of the 146AE has a built-in shock absorber which prevents shock or drop damage to the microphone

Water, oil and dust resistant & replacable grid

The grid has a built-in filter, protecting the diaphragm from water, oil, dust and high-velocity particles. This filter is made from an acoustically transparent fabric that is water and oil repellant and sits securely so that you can measure in high humidity and dusty environments.

If the filter becomes clogged by dust or particles over time, the grid can easily be exchanged on the fly – reducing downtime and costs

PowerOn Indicator

There is a visual indicator showing that the microphone is correctly connected before you start the test which can even be seen from a distance. This allows a PowerOn sequence to be activated channel-by-channel by a simple TEDS reading - a fast way of checking the setup and a helpful indication that you are ready to run the test.

Extreme temperature performance

The mechanical and electronic design is optimized for performance at both very high and very low temperatures giving this rugged microphone set an incredible operating range from -40 to +125°C without changing the sensitivity This makes the 146AE by far the most temperature stable CCP measurement microphone currently available on the market.

Waterproof construction

A water and oil repellant protective coating protects all exposed parts, while the BNC connector is waterproof.

Sealed dual venting

A unique waterproof sealing protects the venting, and dual venting holes limit the risk of water or oil drops blocking these venting holes.

All this makes the microphone set the world’s only fully waterproof measurement microphone - IP67.

Enhanced grip

Easier no-slip handling on-site for the test Engineer


The unique design of the microphone capsule makes the 146AE far less sensitive to vibrations. Tailor-made to measure under vibrating test conditions, the microphone will work accurately day in and day out.

The best result every time

With the new rugged automotive microphone, we have elaborated our HALT test to reflect the harsh environments and conditions in NVH measurements.

NVH measurement conditions
Strong vibrations, shock, drop, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions are all par for the course for a automotive microphone. And at the end of the day you need to be confident that you have valid data, reliable repeatability and minimal downtime or re-tests.

The most cost-efficient measurement microphone in your workshop

It takes a flexible, high precision and rugged measurement microphone to meet all your expectations. The 146AE is the answer - setting a new standard for automotive measurement microphones where no compromise is necessary.

It’s flexible to meet your many measurement needs:

Using different microphones for various measurement points can result in inconsistent data and a more complex test setup. Extreme test conditions can also ruin your equipment. With the 146AE you can use the same microphone to measure in high temperatures, in high humidity or under dusty conditions. This optimizes efficiency and saves you time setting up, conducting and evaluating your entire test setup.

It’s high precision lets you obtain valid data in challenging measurement positions:

The consequences of inaccurate or incorrect data can be disastrous, especially if identified late in your test sequence. The unmatched stability of the 146AE and the unique PowerOn feature and on-line calibration data means you can trust the accuracy of data from all you measurement positions.

It’s rugged design allows it to survive NVH test conditions:

You need to be confident that high temperatures, water or dust will not damage your equipment. You want to use your microphone on the test track or park a vehicle outside without rain or condensation damaging your equipment. And you need a microphone robust enough to be handled or even dropped avoiding rescheduling or redoing a test. The extended lifetime due to the rugged design and the unique GRAS service where we can repair the diaphragm, will reduce your cost of ownership and improve your overall performance. We are, of course, offering our normal 5 year warranty

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GRAS 146AE 1/2'' CCP Free-field Rugged Microphone Set