Danish Acoustics Engineer, Brian Johansen, has topped the inventions that shape his field

Electroacoustic Engineer, Brian Johansen, has tested sound in everything from airplanes and cars to refrigerators and satellite launches.

It took over 40 years for someone to come up with a better ear simulator than the 711 coupler originally developed by acoustic engineering pioneers Per Brüel and Gunnar Rasmussen. That someone was Brian Johansen.


Aircraft, a volcano, Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, and UTP


What's the connection?

They are not directly related, as such. An initial guess might involve how much ash plane engines can take. While that would be on the right track, it is not the connection in this particular case. 


A good day in the life of a production line manager


The discovery of SysCheck2

Julie works for a leading audio brand manufacturer in China and is preparing to set up and oversee a new production line. The line will produce high-end audio components that will need a full audio test for each product at the end of the line.