AP&GRAS Presents the Latest Acoustic Testing Plan for Hearing Aid/Auxiliary Products at the Beijing Audiology Conference | Booth B03

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  Location: China   /    Place: Beijing International Conference Center

  Start: 26/5-2023   /    End: 28/5-2023

The 2023 Beijing International Audiology Conference will be held from May 26 to 28, 2023 at the Beijing International Conference Center. The Beijing International Audiology Conference consists of three parts: professional technical workshops, professional academic conferences, and industry comprehensive exhibitions. It has been successfully held for five times and has become a well-known conference brand in the domestic health field. The conference hopes to continue to play a guiding and driving role, persist in providing development opportunities for the domestic field of audiology, showcase the current situation of the field, and inspire future trends in the field.

As a well-known brand in the global acoustic testing industry, AP&GRAS has a strong innovative gene that enables us to provide corresponding testing solutions (AP Audio Analyzer, GRAS measurement microphpones & KEMAR artificial Head) for the 5 mainstream international hearing aid testing standards. Currently, intelligent and adaptive hearing aids or assistive devices face new challenges, especially in measurement and testing, including how the device adapts to the surrounding environment and when to change channels to improve user experience. No matter what your needs are, AP&GRAS can assist you in testing hearing aid products, thereby improving the quality of life for your customers.

Welcome to the B03 AP&GRAS booth for interactive exchange!