GRAS & AP Europe Training Tour

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  Location: Austria   /    Place: Hinchingbrooke Business Park Kingfisher Way, Huntingdon PE29 6FL

  Start: 11/9-2023   /    End: 28/9-2023

Register today for a dynamic 2-day seminar.
Organized by Audio Precision and GRAS, dedicated to advancing your knowledge in the field of electroacoustic testing. Taking place in four European cities during September 2023 - Huntingdon (UK & Ireland), Graz (Austria), Oelde (Germany), and Glostrup (Denmark) - this seminar promises an immersive learning experience.

Delving into a wide range of topics related to electroacoustic testing, our workshop places a strong emphasis on hands-on exercises. Led by expert instructors, the seminar combines informative lectures with interactive demonstrations of cutting-edge measurement software and test equipment. Divided into theory and practical modules, participants will explore essential concepts, including measurement microphone basics, considerations when acquiring an audio analyser, software operation for audio and electroacoustic tests, and fundamentals of testing headphones, loudspeaker drivers, and microphones. You can read the full agenda here.

Austria, September 18th-19th in Graz
Germany, September 21st-22nd in Oelde
Denmark, September 26th-27th in Glostrup

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