GRAS Pushes the Evolution of Production Line Microphones One Step Further

A new miniature microphone joins the already highly successful family of GRAS production line microphones with EQset™ technology. The new microphone paves the way for contract manufacturers and production line managers to break into new and more profitable markets and attract new business from high end audio brands.

GRAS Sound & Vibration, part of Axiometrix Solutions, a global leader in test and measurement solutions, is today releasing the new GRAS 40PM-1 microphone with EQset™. The new microphone will make advanced testing of high frequency content, as well as accurate testing of louder products, available to a larger audience. This will enable more audio manufacturers to match the development of new high end audio products. In addition, contract manufacturers will find that the microphone’s superior stability helps reduce measurement uncertainty and limits the risk of false passes and false failures on the production line, ultimately increasing product quality and trust with customers.

With its superior specs, EQset capabilities, and unmatched environmental stability, the GRAS 40PM-1 microphone will benefit any production line and is especially appealing for advanced audio test settings with a focus on cost efficiency.

Rémi Guastavino, Director of Product Management at GRAS Sound & Vibration, comments:  

“The reception of the first microphones with EQset technology has been completely overwhelming. But where everyone saw good, we aimed for greatness when we began development of the GRAS 40PM-1. Looking at its specs, I can say with confidence that we have succeeded in giving audio manufacturers new business opportunities and a chance to move up in the value chain by lowering the price of precision.”

EQset technology reduces production line downtime

EQset technology greatly simplifies microphone setup, monitoring, and replacement. It also eliminates correction when setting up new production lines or replacing microphones on existing lines. This significantly reduces ramp-up- and downtime as well as the need for operator training. In addition, EQset technology eliminates the need for price-prohibitive new equipment or retooling of existing systems.

Yet another benefit of EQset is higher environmental stability as compared to other production line microphones. The GRAS 40PM-1 design reduces sensitivity variation to such an extent that, when used in typical production line conditions, compensation is unnecessary. This further reduces the time needed for calculations and corrections and the associated risk of false passes and failures.

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