GRAS AA0095-CL Customized Length BNC - BNC Cable, High Temp

Customized length
2 mm diameter
High temperature cable, 125°C

GRAS AA0095-CL Customized Length BNC - BNC Cable, High Temp



The GRAS AA0095-CL is a customized length high temperature (125°C) coaxial cable with BNC male connectors.  If, for instance, you wish to order 2.5 m cable you write: AA0095-CL0250, as 2.5 m is written in centimeters or if you wish to order 12 m cable, order: AA0095-CL1200, as 12 m is written in centimeters.


For lower temperatures a number of standard length cables with RG-58 are available as stock items e.g. GRAS AA0035 3 m BNC - BNC Cable.
In addition, a corresponding customized length cable with RG-58 is available: GRAS AA0039-CL Customized length, BNC male - BNC male, Cable. 

Quality & Warranty

GRAS accessories are made of stainless steel, alloys and high-quality composites. These items are covered by a 2 year warranty respecting their intended use.
On consumables like batteries, cables and windscreen we offer a 6 month warranty.

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