Innovations in Measurement Microphones for Aerospace

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  Location: Denmark   /    Place: Online Webinar

  Start: 24/4-2024   /    End: 24/4-2024

Discover how customization and non-standard applications of measurement microphones and solutions help the aerospace segment push the envelope – and how they can revolutionize your work, too!

In this webinar, GRAS Business Development Manager, Lars Winberg, explores the diverse landscape of measurement microphones, focusing on the advantages, limitations, and practical considerations of non-standard applications. Tailored for professionals like you, this webinar is an opportunity to delve into how customization in microphone types, characteristics, and form factors can significantly impact testing accuracy and efficiency in the aerospace industry – and beyond.

Uncover Custom Solutions: Learn how different microphone diameters and types, from free-field to pressure-field, influence testing outcomes and how customization can address specific challenges.
Explore Non-Standard Applications: Gain insights into the practical applications of miniature and flat microphones in scenarios where standard microphones fall short, such as wind tunnel tests and scaled model testing.
Practical Considerations: Understand the trade-offs between form factor and performance, including custom calibration procedures and the selection of specialized accessories for non-standard microphones.
• Q&A
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