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  Location: Denmark   /   Place: On Demand | Online

  Start: 7/9-2023   /    End: 29/12-2023

WATCH ON DEMAND! Register and watch the webinar when it suits you. 

During this one-hour session we will provide you with the basic theory of acoustical test of hearing protectors, as well as how to overcome any challenge...

  Location: Austria   /   Place: Hinchingbrooke Business Park Kingfisher Way, Huntingdon PE29 6FL

  Start: 11/9-2023   /    End: 28/9-2023

Register today for a dynamic 2-day seminar.
Organized by Audio Precision and GRAS, dedicated to advancing your knowledge in the field of electroacoustic testing. Taking place in four European cities during September 2023 -...

  Location: Denmark   /   Place: Online Webinar

  Start: 4/10-2023   /    End: 5/10-2023

Enhance your knowledge of today’s equipment for reliable and fast production line testing of audio devices.

During this one-hour session we will will introduce test equipment from GRAS and Audio Precision relevant to perfor...

  Location: Denmark   /   Place: Online Webinar

  Start: 10/10-2023   /    End: 11/10-2023

During this one-hour session we will provide you with the basic theory behind acoustical tests of these devices as well as highlight the most important challenges you might experience.

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  Location: United States   /   Place: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan.

  Start: 24/10-2023   /    End: 26/10-2023

With over 280 exhibitors displaying their very latest products and services, visitors can expect to see the most up-to-date technologies in ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, NVH measurement tools, test rigs, simulation packages, durab...