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Low-Noise Testing

Low-noise testing down to the threshold of human hearing

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Reference Level Acoustic Test Fixtures    |     Ear Simulator Kits


Reference Level Acoustic Test Fixtures

KEMAR head and torso simulators are multi-configurable and ideal for testing in laboratories and R&D where accuracy and precision in realistic simulation of head and torso-related diffraction are required. They can be used to generate 3-D simulation models of HRTF.

2-Channel Head and Torso Simulator

ANC Performance test

Intended for test that do not require mouth simulator

45BC KEMAR with Mouth Simulator
2-Channel Head and Torso Simulator with Mouth Simulator

With mouth simulator for testing of headsets

Intended for test that do require mouth simulator

Ear Simulator Kits

Table-top test fixtures are easy to use and ideal for testing on the production line when fast and repeatable mounting is an important parameter.

43AG Ear and Cheek Simulator
1-channel Table-top Test Fixture

Can measure circumaural, supra-aural and in-ear headphones

Headphone       Earphone        In Ear Blue

Low-Noise Testing/ANC (10.5 dB(A))

43AG-5 Low-noise ear simulator system and anthropometric pinnae