Production Engineering

The concept of production engineering (PE) is a bridge between the development of a product and testing on the production line to ensure that the finished products function as they were designed.

The primary tasks in PE are specifying the targets for testing and configuring the setups on the production line to test for the specified targets. Due to their modular and configurable design, the 45CC range of test configurations are excellent tools for aligning the PL test station measurements with the targets set by R&D.


Universal Acoustic Test Fixtures

Table-top test fixtures are easy to use and ideal for testing on the production line when fast and repeatable mounting is an important parameter.

45CA Headphone Test Fixture
2-Channel Test Fixture

Very high Self-Insertion Loss (<65 dB)

Modifiable with various ear simulators and pinnae

Perfect for ANC performance test due to the high SIL

45CC Headphone Test Fixture
Modular 2-channel Text Fixture

ANC performance test (low-level ANC)

Adjustable to suit any headphone test setup

Precise setup reproduction for use between R&D, PL and QA/QC

Headphone         Headset blue

IEC 61094 1/2” WS2P Microphones

45CC-1 1/2” microphones, 2-Ch. LEMO

45CC-2 1/2” microphones, 2-Ch. CCP

Headphone        Headset blue

IEC 61094 1/4” WS3P Microphones

45CC-9 1/4” microphones, 2-Ch. LEMO

45CC-10 1/4” microphones, 2-Ch. CCP

Headphone       Headset blue

IEC 60318-1 Testing


43CC-4 IEC 60318-1 ear simulators, 2-Ch. CCP

Headphone       Headset        Headset blue        In Ear Blue

IEC 60318-4 Testing with Pinnae

45CC-14 IEC 60318-4 standard ear simulator with pinnae, 2-Ch. LEMO

45CC-15 IEC 60318-4 ear standard simulator with pinnae, 2-Ch. CCP

Headphone        Headphone        Headphone        Headphone

High-Frequency Testing with IEC60318-4 with Pinnae

45CC-16 IEC60318-4 with pinnae, 2-Ch. LEMO

45CC-17 IEC60318-4 with pinnae, 2-Ch. CCP