Repair Service

All repairs are made at GRAS Global Repair and Calibration Service (located in Denmark). GRAS Global Repair and Calibration Service is staffed by a team of dedicated and well-trained engineers who have the latest test equipment at their disposal.

To GRAS, quality is key.  We, therefore, only use approved and high-quality parts and components in our equipment irrespective of whether the products are new or repaired. Almost all our products are repairable, including microphones for which we can replace the diaphragm, if it has been damaged.

A repair always consists of the following parameters:

  • Diagnosing the product
  • Repairing the product
  • Testing and checking the product according to its specifications
  • Performing a traceable calibration
  • Upkeep of a product documenting all tests and failures in a dedicated service report
  • Issuing of a calibration certificate