Ear simulators & couplers

At GRAS we constantly update our product offerings to follow the changes within the audiology industry and work in close corporation with our partners on customized solutions. This has led to a complete coupler program to cater for the specific needs found within this industry.

Our unique, modular platform ensures the highest degree of mobility and quick adaption to different test situations. All of our couplers can be fitted on the same platform, enabling re-use of the test base and preamplifier for multiple test setups. We provide you with real ear to coupler (REC) and enable you to meet the IEC 60318.

Recently we introduced the industry-best pinna (KB5000) which makes it easier and smother to conduct in-ear measurements. This new anthropometric pinna significantly increases the accuracy and precision of measurements. This means fewer but more precise measurements – and also a significant reduction in the time needed to test hearing aids.

Cases & Brochures

43BA High-frequency Coupler

43BB Whitepaper - Ear Simulators for Extended Dynamic Range