In-Vehicle Acoustics

Consumers are increasingly expecting high-quality sound systems and infotainment systems with voice commands. This drives the importance of ensuring good acoustics, free from reverberation and excess dampening in desired frequency ranges, to the fore.

In-cabin sound quality is frequently cited as a key aspect of how customers evaluate vehicles. But assessing audio quality in environments as complex as the cabin of a vehicle is a difficult task. The in-cabin sound field consists of a mix of varied damping surfaces and hard reflective surfaces, so the sound field varies from free field to random incidence (or undefined).

However, the multifield capabilities of 46BC combined with the measurement accuracy (particularly at higher frequencies) make it ideal for the job. Additionally, 46BC and the 46BL-1 pressure microphone, are ideally suited for measurements according to the AES In-car Acoustics Measurements recommendation.


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