KEMAR – the manikin for hearing aid testing and R&D – has been designed with median human adult dimensions and the ear simulation matches the acoustic response with an auricle, an ear canal, and an eardrum that equal the median ear in dimensions, acoustic impedance, and modes.

A close cooperation with audiologists and the thorough research resulted in the standardization of KEMAR by ANSI in 1976 soon to be followed by the IEC. This makes KEMAR the first and most well documented head and torso simulator for hearing aid testing. Adding new functionality and features we have made it easier to fit any type of analyzer input and KEMAR can now be equipped with GRAS externally- and pre-polarized IEC 60711 Ear Simulators.

KEMAR is available in several application specific configurations: assembled, calibrated and delivered as a complete out-of-the box system for immediate use so that you can dedicate your time to R&D and be getting the best testing results within sound measurements.

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