Basic Microphone Webinar

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  Location: Denmark   /    Place: FREE Online Webinar

  Start: 13/12-2023   /    End: 13/12-2023

Don’t miss this chance to boost your microphone knowledge with this GRAS MasterClass with Ole Theilgaard, Director of Global Support and Applications. Ole has more than 25 years of practical experience developing advanced microphone test and measurement setups. During this online event he will take you through all elements of basic microphone theory and give you an introduction to measurement microphones. Topics will also include: 

• Condenser microphone principle and capacitors

• Pre- & externally polarized microphones

• Design parameters

• Sensitivity

• Frequency range

• Low frequency response

• Dynamic range

• Standards

• Sound fields

• Types of measurement microphones

• Selection of microphones for different applications