Danish acoustic solution ensures optimal speech transmission

Danish acoustic solution ensures optimal communication in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

- With the GRAS 45CC Headphone Test Fixture for headsets Invisio has secured a test setup suitable for both development and production of headsets.

Optimal speech transmission through operator headsets is often vital in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. This means that headsets must be able to transmit acoustic signals effectively, whilst reducing external noise through solid passive damping, in order to protect the user’s ears in the best way possible. Denmark has a long tradition of world-leading technology in hearing and acoustics and Invisio originates from this tradition, producing some of the best headsets available.

GRAS 45CC Invisio

The key word is repeatability

Even products with top specifications must succeed in a very price sensitive market and therefore a manufacturer like Invisio needs to balance test systems specifications with budget limits. This is why Invisio has chosen a cost efficient solution like the GRAS 45CC which has solved just this. The GRAS 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is a flexible platform for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets. The existing application is equipped with two microphones and a mouth simulator. For development of their headsets, Invisio has chosen to use a GRAS product in order to get precision and repeatability each time. Repeatability is crucial for the quality assurance of products manufactured in larger quantities.

Close collaboration ensures the best headsets on the market

"As one of Invisio’s key acoustic engineers comments: ”We are very satisfied with our choice of GRAS because they with their acoustical knowledge are able to customize the measurement application to our specific requirements.” Furthermore he mentions that the support given by Michael Trolle from Vibrakustik who distributes GRAS’ products is of great importance. Especially the close contact to GRAS has made it possible to design the most optimal acoustic test setup. For Invisio this means that a Danish manufacturer can offer competitive headsets for the Defense Industry worldwide - based on Danish measurement technology.

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