GRAS Introduces the World’s Thinnest Condenser Microphone

GRAS Sound & Vibration, the leading innovator of acoustic sensors since 1994, is adding to its existing family of measurement microphones for wind tunnel testing – the new Ultra-Thin Precision (UTP) microphones. The UTP microphones - based on a revolutionizing, patented technology - combine the high precision and reliability of GRAS measurement microphones with the need for extremely low-profiled (1 mm) microphones with minimum turbulence influence.

With their unique form factor and easy mounting, UTP microphones are specifically designed for in-situ boundary layer testing, when neutral impact and high precision is important. Together with our range of surface and flush-mount microphones, the UTP microphones cover all boundary layer testing applications across industries.

Developed in close cooperation with key automotive and aerospace players

The new UTP microphones are the result of close collaboration with leading industry players and have been on their way for several years.

According to CEO Lars Kjaergaard, this has been yet another, major innovative achievement by GRAS: “We are proud to launch a new family of microphones that we expect will disrupt acoustic test measurements in wind tunnels and in the field”.

The 48LA is an ultra-thin (UTP) high-pressure surface microphone for wind tunnel and in flight testing. It is a revolutionary new design that has made it possible to combine a ¼” condenser microphone with a form factor that makes it the world’s smallest measurement microphone. The 48LA is ideal for measurements in boundary layers on planar as well as curved surfaces.

The 48LX microphones are for medium pressure measurements and include preamplifiers with TEDS. The 48LX-4/ 48LX-8 consist of four/eight low-profiled ¼” CCP medium pressure condenser microphones. They are mounted with rubber fairings in a line array configuration on a flexible PCB making it very easy to mount and demount these for faster measurements and increased efficiency.


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