MEET OUR OPERATORS: Handcrafting Excellence in Sound

At GRAS Sound & Vibration, we take great pride in our Operators.


They are the highly skilled men and women who handcraft, assemble, and test every GRAS microphone at our HQ in Holte, Denmark. They come from Denmark and around the world, and with various specialist backgrounds. Some have trained as watchmakers, others in pharmaceutical production. On top of that, each Operator undergoes rigorous training before joining our production, building on their unique skills to meet our exacting standards.



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Our Operators’ dedication to quality and perfection is second to none, and their work ensures that each device meets and exceeds our stringent standards. Every Operator has the authority to halt production if they identify any mistakes, faults, or other issues. Their day begins with production meetings, where they align on the day’s tasks, addressing any challenges before they escalate. This lean and agile approach to production guarantees the exceptional quality our customers expect - as well as timely delivery.






 GRAS Operators are not only involved in assembly, they also play a crucial part in developing and customizing new products, building prototypes, and exploring new production techniques to turn R&D visions into reality. They are an indispensable part of the GRAS family, shaping the future of acoustic technology, one meticulous step at a time.


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