THE RASMUSSEN SPIRIT is still a driving force in GRAS Sound & Vibration

GRAS Sound & Vibration has always been known as a development and knowledge centre, constantly evolving and always up to date with trends and needs in the market thanks to close collaboration with our customers.



This is part of Gunnar Rasmussen’s legacy, and a philosophy that was carried on by his son, Per Rasmussen, under his tenure as co-owner and director. Per joined the company in 1995 and is still deeply involved in development projects as an Acoustic Consultant


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“It’s been a long and exciting journey from a family business founded and driven according to the interests and strong will of one man, to a modern, management-driven, global organization,” says Per Rasmussen. “I still have strong interest in acoustics, and I am still involved in development projects. But it was time for new profiles to learn from and work with our customers, to meet them where they are to get a better understanding of their reality.”






”It requires deep dedication and highly specialized expertise to be one of the world leaders in your field – a strong team that makes the impossible possible every day. We need to understand the challenges our customers face and to quickly develop the solutions they need. Not just once, but again and again,” says Per Rasmussen





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”At GRAS, we are driven by our passion for acoustics and measurement microphones. But development does not happen behind closed doors. You need to get input from the market and to nurture the curiosity and ability to transform input and challenges into customized solutions. We need to be present at the aircraft and automobile manufacturers, we have to visit the laboratories and industry fairs and so on. That’s how we keep our finger on the pulse across countries, markets and industries – and that’s what enables us to deliver on the customers’ need for increasingly advanced and complex measurement solutions,” says Per Rasmussen.








“Today, in the face of growing competition and pressure to deliver, we probably need to pay more attention to the business case than maybe we had to in the past. But I’m pleased to see that the will to customize and co-create solutions for and with our customers is still our guiding star. It makes me very happy to see that my father’s vision still lives on in GRAS Sound & Vibration today – the future looks bright!” concludes Per Rasmussen.












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Sunday, 23. June 2024

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