GRAS 90CA-S2 Microphone Calibration System, PXI



The GRAS 90CA-S2 Microphone Calibration System provides for automated and reliable level and frequency response calibration of measurement microphones. The implemented calibration methods conform with these standards:

  • IEC Standard 61094
  • ANSI S1.10 – 1966 (R1976)
  • IEC Standard 60942
  • TEDS Standard IEEE 1451.4

The 90CA-S2 is based on National Instruments' PXI architecture: NI PXIe-8101 Embedded Controller, including: National Instruments PXIe1071 4-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis and PXI cards for Control and Data Acquisition.


  • Ready-to-use software and hardware
  • Accurate calibration hardware
  • Automated and computer-controlled calibration process
  • Highly reproducible calibration method
  • Pre-installed test parameters for GRAS microphones
  • Test conditions easily changable
  • Auto-generated, customized documentation to print and archive


  • All types of IEC 61094 standardized 1", 1/2", 1/4", and 1/8" measurement microphones from GRAS and other manufacturers
  • GRAS 46xx series standard microphone sets
  • GRAS 47xx series flush-mount microphone sets (optional)
  • GRAS preamplifiers
  • Calibration up to 92 kHz (optional up to 200 kHz)

The system is described in more detail in the Instruction Manual.




ANSI standard
IEC standard

GRAS Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.

Ordering info

Included items

GRAS HW1002 PXI: NI PXIe-8821 Embedded Controller, including National Instruments PXIe1071 4-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis
NI Dynamic Signal Acquisition Board PXI-4461, and National Instruments Digital I/O PXI-6509
GRAS SW0013 National Instruments software Diadem version 2017 (or later), Base Edition
GRAS SW0002 Calibration System Software for 90CA
GRAS SW0012 National Instruments Sound and Vibration Analysis SW Run-Time License 779875-01
For Level Calibration
GRAS AL0017 Pistonphone Calibration Stand
GRAS 42AP Intelligent Pistonphone, including RS-232 control cable
GRAS 26AN ¼” LEMO Insert Voltage Preamplifier
GRAS 26AG ½” LEMO Insert Voltage Preamplifier
For Frequency Calibration
GRAS 26AB ¼” LEMO Preamplifier with Inline Barrel Adapter AF0008 for ¼” preamplifier and ½” microphone
GRAS 26AK ½” LEMO preamplifier (for use with most non-GRAS microphones)
GRAS RA0014 ½” Electrostatic actuator (includes ¼” microphone adapter RA0017)
GRAS AL0010 Actuator Calibration Stand
GRAS AL0021 Microphone Set Calibration Stand
GRAS 14AA Electrostatic Actuator Amplifier, including 230 V AC power cable
For Power, Signal Conditioning and Switching
GRAS 12AQ 2-Channel CCP/LEMO Power Module with Signal Conditioning and Computer Interface
GRAS RA0192 Control box (no cables included in the box)
GRAS 40AG ½” Pressure microphone for reference
Cables, Connectors, Adapters and Tools
GRAS AA2006 National Instruments Cable 180524-10 (50-position ribbon cable)
GRAS AA0033 1 m BNC cable (5 pcs)
GRAS AA0074 1 m LEMO extension cable (2 pcs)
AC0021 BNC T-connector
Straight adapter for ½” microphone and ¼” preamplifier
GRAS RA0063 ⅛ microphone and ¼” preamplifier adapter
RA0081 ½” microphone tool
RA0200 ¼” microphone tool
RA0210 ⅛” microphone tool
- GRAS license for SW0002
LI0028 90CA Instruction Manual
- Instruction manuals for 42AP, 12AQ and 14AA

 GRAS Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.

Available Options

Special options are available for specific types of calibration, accredited calibration, and training.


  • Preamplifier Calibration Option
  • ½’’ Pressure microphone, prepolarized
  • ¼’’ Preamplifier with 3 m cable
  • ½’’ CCP preamplifier
  • ¼’’ CCP preamplifier with 3 m cable (Microdot connector)
  • 20pF Input adapter for ½’’ preamplifiers
  • 3 m microphone cable, SMB-BNC connector
  • 1 m Cable BNC 50 ohm
  • Test program for preamplifier


  • Calibration of 1” Microphone Option
  • Adapter for 1” microphone and ½” preamplifier
  • 1” Electrostatic actuator


  • Accredited Calibration of Reference Units
  • DANAK calibration of reference microphone, reference preamplifier, and pistonphone


  • Kit for sensitivity calibration of Flush-mount microphone Sets


  • Kit for frequency calibration of Flush-mount microphone Sets


  • Kit for sensitivity calibration of Surface microphone Sets


  • Kit for frequency calibration of Surface microphone Sets

GRAS Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.

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