GRAS 43AC-S7 Hi-Res Ear Simulator Kit CCP

Connection: 0 V/CCP
Volume: 1260 @ 500 Hz
Dyn range: 25 dB(A) to 153 dB
ANSI: S3.7
IEC: 60318-4

GRAS 43AC-S7 Hi-Res Ear Simulator Kit CCP


The GRAS 43AC-S7 Ear Simulator Kit is a complete test jig for acoustically testing earphones coupled to the ear via inserts such as tubes and ear molds and is compatible with the following international requirements:

  • IEC 60318-4: Occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts.

43AC-S7 uses the RA0404 Hi-Res Ear Simulator which extends the useful frequency range to 50 kHz. Read more abot the RA0404 here.

The 43AC-S7 comprises:

The Test Jig has an adjustable spring-loaded arm to exert a variable force on the test object.

An externally polarized version is available, GRAS 43AC-S6.


Theoretical dynamic range lower limit with GRAS preamplifier
Theoretical dynamic range upper limit with GRAS preamplifier @ +28 V / ±14 V power supply
Set sensitivity @ 250 Hz (±2 dB)
Set sensitivity @ 250 Hz (±2 dB)
dB re 1V/Pa
Set sensitivity @ 250 Hz (±3 dB)
Coupler volume
1260 @ 500 Hz
Resonance frequency
Temperature range, operation
°C / °F
-30 to 60 / -22 to 140
Temperature coefficient @250 Hz
dB/°C / dB/°F
-0.01 / -0.006
Humidity range non condensing
% RH
0 to 75
ANSI standard
IEC standard
60318-4 (former 60711)
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered
Connector type
Microdot 10/32
g / oz
1550 / 54.675

Ny tolerance red

Fig 1. The transfer impedance of a typical RA0404 Hi-Res Ear Simulator with tolerances. Up to 10 kHz, the response is within the limits defined by IEC 60318-4.  Above 10 kHz, the response is within a fairly tight tolerance band up to 50 kHz

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GRAS RA0404 Hi-Res Ear Simulator (prepolarized)
GRAS 26CB ¼" Preamplifier
GRAS RA0001 Right Angled Adapter
GRAS RA0052 Test Jig
GRAS GR0435 In-ear Adapter
GRAS GR0436 Tube stud
GRAS GR0437 Ear-mould Simulator
GRAS GR0438 Union nut
GRAS GR0440 Tube stud
GRAS GR0433 Calibration Adapter
GRAS GR0434 Stop Washer
GRAS MI0070  Cord 0.2 m


GRAS 12AK Power Module
GRAS 42AA Pistonphone


GRAS RA0196 High-tension springs (set of two)

GRAS Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.


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