GRAS 12BA, 12BE and 12BB CCP Power Modules with TEDS Support

Microphone power: CCP
Channel(s): 1, 2, or 4


The GRAS 12BA, 12BE and 12BB  are, respectively, single- two- and four-channel USB-powered CCP power modules with TEDS support, and they are able to take full advantage of GRAS SysCheck2™-enabled microphones, such as GRAS 246AE.

These power modules provide power to microphone sets without signal degradation, gain modification, or attenuation.

This series excels as a simple and cost-effective interface between TEDS-enabled measurement microphones and any Audio Precision APx series analyzer, which will automatically extract TEDS data for seamless integration. Full SysCheck2TM functionality is also automatically available when connected to APx500 release v7.0 Measurement Software with GRAS 12BA, 12BE, or 12BB power modules and an Audio Precision APx series analyzer, or with an Audio Precision APx series analyzer with CCP and TEDS read capability.

However, these power modules can also be used with other brands.  In this case, a TEDS utility program provides access to TEDS data on a PC. Download TEDS utility program here. The SysCheck2 Software Development Kit is available from the microphone product pages.

Power for the 12Bx series is provided through a USB cable using a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port and a USB-C port on the power module.

If more channels are needed, multiple power modules can be used concurrently.




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GRAS 12BA, 12BE or 12BB

CCP Power Module with USB Connection


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BNC-BNC cable, 3 meters

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