GRAS RA0057 High-leak Pinna Simulator according to ITU-T Rec. P57 Type 3.2

Volume: Complex

The High-leak Pinna Simulator Type RA0057 is an outer ear simulator intended to be used with the Ear Simulator RA0045 to simulate a complete ear for testing telephones and loudspeakers.



The RA0057 High-leak pinna simulator is used for tests which simulate a telephone or handset held slightly away from the listeners ear.

The RA0057 meets the specifications in the ITU-T Recommendation P.57 (08/96) "Series P: Telephone transmission quality, Objective measuring apparatus: Artificial ears".


To simulate a telephone or handset held comfortably against the listeners ear use the RA0056 Low-leak pinna simulator.

Quality & Warranty

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0 V / CCP
ITU-T recommondations
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered
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