Meeting the Demands of Modern EV Sound Measurement: The Rise of the ¼” Microphones

Meeting the Demands of Modern EV Sound Measurement:
The Rise of the ¼” Microphones

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) technology, a recent GRAS whitepaper sheds light on the critical role of ¼” microphones in acoustic testing. They represent a significant step forward in ensuring consistent, high-quality acoustic testing across the industry that aligns with recent recommendations from the AES.

Bringing greater precision to EV Acoustic Testing

The rise of electric vehicles has brought new challenges in acoustic measurement. Unlike traditional vehicles, EVs require more refined sound testing, especially for high-frequency noises. This is where ¼” microphones come into play, offering enhanced sensitivity and precision. Traditional microphones often struggle to capture the complete range of EV-related noises with low-uncertainty and in a repeatable way. This whitepaper emphasizes how ¼” microphones overcome these limitations, especially in complex sound fields, and provide accurate, reliable measurements crucial for developing EVs.

Smaller size is a major factor

In a real-life measurement scenario, it is always a better idea to measure with a smaller-sized microphone, as reducing the size of the microphone will reduce reflections and disturbances, providing fewer measurement errors and greater certainty. This is particularly critical when sounds are coming from different directions or when multiple sound sources are present. For example, when making in-cabin measurements, where there are many reflections and disturbances, the physical advantages of a ¼″ microphone is an effective way of reducing measurement uncertainty. But there are many other factors in play, all of which are discussed in the whitepaper.

Future-Proofing EV Sound Standards

As the automotive and automotive audio industries continue to innovate, the need for adaptable and precise testing equipment becomes paramount. Coupled with the ever-increasing expectations of the car-buying public to onboard infotainment systems and voice controls, the increasing demands on acoustic tests and measurements in the development process are relentless. The ¼” microphone is positioned as a key tool in future-proofing the industry's approach to EV noise evaluation.

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