MASTERCLASS | Production Line Testing of Audio Devices

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  Location: Denmark   /    Place: On Demand | Online

  Start: 18/1-2024   /    End: 22/11-2024

In this MasterClass, you’ll be introduced to the market’s most advanced test equipment from GRAS and Audio Precision that is relevant to performing production line tests of audio devices in an efficient and reliable way.


  •       Introduction
  •       Challenges
  •       GRAS AL0030 Acoustic Test Chamber
  •       GRAS EQ 40PM EQset Production Line Microphone
  •       EQset technology for Microphones
  •       Data Acquisition: Audio Precision APx517 analyzer and APxFlex
  •       Audio Precision´s APx500 software and Production Test Mode
  •      System Demonstration
  •      Q&A 

GRAS Santiago

Santiago Rayes, GRAS Sound & Vibration

Santiago has more than 10 years of experience in the audio industry, providing technical support and guidance across various applications of acoustic and audio testing using GRAS products. Santiago also delivers international training sessions, seminars, and webinars, where he shares his insights and knowledge.