High attendance and knowledge sharing at DAGA in Kiel

This year’s DAGA was a great event with many visitors. Read about the event here.

GRAS DAGA 500x100

This year’s DAGA was a great event with many visitors. Although the event took place in North Germany, there was still a high attendance of large industrial companies from Bayern and Baden Württemberg. Also, there were representatives from the academic world among the attendees.

The discussions were interesting and mirrored the customer’s specific demands. However, a need of new sensor solutions for testing in - so far - inaccessible areas and the interest in MEMS technology and its potential in the future were themes in focus.

Global Sales Director Ivan Sandager elaborates: “I am amazed of how the acoustical industry in Germany is linked – and the willingness to share technology and knowledge across industries. I definitely believe that our ability to be a player and a partner in this collaboration will allow us to develop new sensors and solutions, which will address a multitude of acoustical engineering challenges.”

We would like to thank all attendees that stopped by our booth and were a part of the interesting discussions. We hope to be working with you in the future.