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Lars Winberg »
Sales Development Manager

Santiago Rayes »
Support and Application Engineer

Ole Theilgaard »
Director of Global Support and Applications

Brian Johansen »
Electroacoustic Engineer

Niels Erik Holm Christensen »
Electroacoustics Development Engineer


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On the advantages of using ¼″ measurement microphones to reduce uncertainty »

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These are some of the experts you can expect to learn from:

Ole Theilgaard

Director of Global Support and Applications

Ole has more than 25 years of practical experience developing advanced microphone test and measurement setups. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, GRAS webinars, and training sessions.

Lars Winberg

Sales Development Manager

+25 years of experience in acoustics and measurement solutions specializing in Aerospace & Defense, and the Automotive sector. Discovered the importance of acoustics on board submarines in the Swedish Navy.

Santiago Rayes

Support and Application Engineer

+10 years of experience in the audio industry, providing technical support and guidance across various applications of acoustic and audio testing using GRAS products. Santiago also delivers international training sessions, seminars, and webinars, where he shares his insights and knowledge.

Brian Johansen

Electroacoustic Engineer

With more than 20 years of experience in the acoustics industry. He has tested sound in everything from airplanes and cars to refrigerators and satellite launches. Brian is the inventor of the "human-like ear simulator" that revolutionized the personal audio (cell phones/headphones/ear buds) industry, and holds a number of other patents for inventions in the acoustics field.

Niels Erik Holm Christiansen

Electroacoustic Development Engineer

+35 years of experience developing hearing aids, advanced microphones, and advanced acoustical applications. Deeply involved in research and development of new technologies like the GRAS family of intelligent EQset™ microphones for audio testing on production lines.