The new 47AC Infrasound microphone set

At GRAS we are pleased to introduce the answer to the challenges of infrasound measurements: The 47AC 1/2” CCP Infra-Sound Microphone Set.

47AC frise

We now present the 47AC 1/2” CCP Infra-Sound Microphone Set as a standard product amongst the GRAS portfolio, as the result of working with JAXA to find a customized solution for the project “Drop test for Simplified Evaluation of Non-symmetrically Distributed sonic boom (D-SEND).

According to GRAS Director and Owner Per Rasmussen the partnership with JAXA has resulted in a thorough knowledge about the measurement challenges within infrasound: “Building upon these experiences we have now developed a standard product with the unique feature to measure at extremely low frequencies – as low as 0.09 Hz.”

The 47AC can be applied to infrasound measurements within different industries depending on your specific application from measurement of wind turbine noise to research at universities. 

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