The world’s smallest measurement microphone set

GRAS is proud to present the 46DE, the smallest measurement microphone set in the world - the only microphone set where no parts are larger than 1/8”.

Because of its small size and low sensitivity, it is ideal for measuring high frequencies and high sound pressure levels and additionally it can be used where you previously could not get access. For example in very small scale models or in applications where your measurement challenge calls for a very small microphone or where several microphones must be mounted in close proximity to each other for higher resolution.

46DE is a 1/8" Constant Current Power (CCP) pressure microphone set with a nominal sensitivity of 0.8 mV/Pa and has TEDS.

The 46DE is a pressure microphone set and as such optimized for acoustic measurements of sound pressure at a boundary or a wall. Because of the microphone set being 1/8" it is also useful for up to at least 40 kHz free-field measurements without any compensation. The microphone set can be used for a wide range of applications including impulsive noise measurements (like gunshot and airbag), aircraft turbulence, flow measurements or scale model measurements.

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