Headphone Seminars in Korea & Japan

Last week GRAS hosted a fully booked Headphone Seminar together with Listen, Inc. More than 150 people in Seoul, and over 50 people in Tokyo attended the Seminar, where Peter Wulf-Andersen, Steve Temme, Dr. Sean Olive and Prof. Lee spoke about headphone measurement challenges, perception and design and tuning. 

Topics such as test equipment (ear couplers, test fixtures, test software and hardware) and demonstration off practical test setups for both R&D and QC headphone testing were discussed and in-ear measurements, active noise-cancelling and high resolution headphones were covered.

We were excited to meet the many acoustic engineers and have a fruitful discussion on headphone measurement challenges. A great thank you to the special guest speakers, Dr. Olive and Prof. Lee.

Videos from the event can be viewed on youtube:

Peter Wulf-Andersen – GRAS Sound & Vibration

Steve Temme – Listen, Inc.

Prof. Lee – New Media Communication Joint Institute of Seoul National University

Dr. Sean Olive, Harman International