Seminar on Acoustic Measurements For Wind Applications

Together with National Instruments, GRAS had the pleasure of hosting a one-day seminar on Acoustic Measurements for Wind Applications last week. 

NI Seminar AArhus2018

Several people attended the seminar where Per Rasmussen, Dennis Morini, Franck Bertagnolio, Carsten Thomsen and Michael Trolle spoke about acoustic measurements for wind applications.

Topics such as how acoustic sensors can be used to retrieve reliable data from pressure fluctuations and noise were discussed. We shared our insights on how to solve the most common obstacles, when setting up a measurement chain to acquire synchronized data in a wind tunnel or in free field and had a fruitful discussion on solutions for measurements at a distance from the test subject, as well test solutions with integrated sensors. 

We were excited to meet the many engineers and learn about their measurement challenges.