Chinese EV Manufacturer Looking for Quality Solutions

Innovation and rapid expansion is not only a question of having the right skills and ideas. You also need the right tools and instruments that can support and validate your findings as you test new models.

This is the case for Chinese automotive manufacturer Aiways, one of the newcomers on the global automotive scene. Using microphones from GRAS Sound & Vibration has allowed for quick and efficient tire noise and interior noise testing.

Aiways carAs any NVH test engineer will know, working with noise is a complicated matter and involves a lot of planning to get it all right. Most importantly, the engineer needs to be able to rely on his data. If not, many hours are wasted, not to mention the risk of making conclusions based on “poor” data. The efficiency issue as well as the importance of valid data was exactly why Chinese car manufacturer Aiways turned to GRAS Sound & Vibration.

Aiways, founded in February 2017 by two experienced Chinese automotive entrepreneurs, is already a significant player in the mid to high-end range of urban vehicles, employing more than 1,000 technical employees. Aiways’ € 1.73 billion purpose-built “Industry 4.0” production facility in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, was finished in just 14 months. The plant is highly automated and able to produce 150,000 cars a year. It can even accommodate an increase in production capacity to 300,000 cars a year as demand grows. It also includes a separate battery plant, primarily run by robots. Aiways has recently been granted EU access for their latest U5 model – which is based on German-led R&D expertise.

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