GRAS Increases Ease of Use of Ear Simulator Platforms

TEDS functionality now incorporated in GRAS couplers, ear simulators, and head and torso systems

GRAS Sound & Vibration, part of Axiometrix Solutions, a global leader in test and measurement solutions, now includes Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) functionality across the entire range of ear simulator test platforms—the broadest range in the market. All CCP-based GRAS ear simulator sets and all 45CC Acoustic Test Fixtures (including LEMO-based configurations) will now be delivered with TEDS. This includes KEMAR, 45CA Headphone and Hearing Protector Fixtures, and Acoustic Test Fixtures 45CC, as well as most of the Artificial Ear 43Ax line.

GRAS, together with sister company Audio Precision, has long focused on incorporating TEDS in all systems to ensure reliable data and to ease all aspects of installation and test platform setup.

The addition of TEDS will allow users of ear simulators easy access to calibration data. They will be able to read and check the type, serial number, sensitivity and last calibration data in the ear-simulator systems, identify the “Left” and “Right” channels, and use this information for documentation or application purposes. This robust feature set is possible without disassembling the fixture and will benefit users of built-in ear simulators.

Ease of use and functionality are maximized when working with combined GRAS and Audio Precision solutions, such as a measurement chain with TEDS-enabled ear simulators and a GRAS 12Bx power module or an Audio Precision analyzer such as APx517 or APx1701. The standardized TEDS format also means that any test and measurement setup with analyzers supporting TEDS will benefit from using GRAS couplers, ear simulators, and head and torso systems.

According to Niels Kjaergaard, VP Business Development at GRAS Sound & Vibration, “An important part of our innovation is improving ease of use for our customers. Adding TEDS-enabled microphones to so many simulator platforms is a great enhancement to workflow and total system ease of use.” The TEDS-enabled functionality is already implemented across GRAS’ products and will be delivered as an additional standard feature in most test fixtures and ear simulators. Prices for systems will remain the same.


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