Last week GRAS participated in the Automation & Testing exhibition in Turin, Italy togehter with our local partner MeasureIt. 

This week GRAS attended the 2018 Worldwide Measurement Conference in Slovenia hosted by Dewesoft.

GRAS would like to thank Dewesoft for a great conference, excellent organization and an astonishing location. 
Elmira and Santiago represented GRAS and met many end-users, reps and partners from all around the world and from many different industries.

Danish acoustic solution ensures optimal communication in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

- With the GRAS 45CC Headphone Test Fixture for headsets Invisio has secured a test setup suitable for both development and production of headsets.

Last week GRAS hosted a fully booked Headphone Seminar together with Listen, Inc. More than 150 people in Seoul, and over 50 people in Tokyo attended the Seminar, where Peter Wulf-Andersen, Steve Temme, Dr. Sean Olive and Prof. Lee spoke about headphone measurement challenges, perception and design and tuning. 

The family-owned company GRAS Sound & Vibration doubles the bottom line after several years of expansion. Within the last fiscal year the revenue increased by 21% to 126.1 million DKK, making it the best financial year to date for the Danish measurement microphone company. 

We are proud to introduce the rugged automotive microphone - 146AE – the world’s only measurement microphone set that is shock resistant, waterproof, dust and oil mist resistant and able to withstand high temperatures - all without compromising measurement quality.

GRAS is proud to present the 46DE, the smallest measurement microphone set in the world - the only microphone set where no parts are larger than 1/8”.

We have taken the overwhelming response to us and have prepared another series of headphone testing seminar this fall in Chicago and Boston together with Listen Inc. Learn more about the seminars, dates and locations here.

"Good presentations", "relevant topics" and "great learning experience" were just some of the positive comments from the 76 participants who joined the recently held Headphone seminars. Read about the succesfull seminars here.

Developed as an improved replacement for the successful 42AB Sound Calibrator, the new GRAS 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator is designed for fast verification of microphones and sound level meters in the field.