We are pleased to announce that Ed Okorn has joined GRAS Sound & Vibration as the new General Manager of GRAS North America. He will be a key player in continuing the development of GRAS NA.

This year’s DAGA was a great event with many visitors. Read about the event here.

We recently held a series of seminars covering the theme Headphone and Headset Measurements together with Listen, Inc. Because of the great interest in the seminars, there was a high turnout in all three venues.

Read about our recent workshop on sound quality measurements in Milan, Italy, here.

At GRAS we are pleased to introduce the answer to the challenges of infrasound measurements: The 47AC 1/2” CCP Infra-Sound Microphone Set.

Have you ever heard a snail eating salad leaves or a caterpillar crawl on a glass?

At AISE, which is the ALMA International Symposium & Expo 2016 on January 2-4, our founder and owner Peter Wulf-Andersen presented a paper with the topics Measurement Microphones, Ear Simulators and Headphone Testing.