Measurement microphone cartridges

GRAS measurement microphones are available in many types covering various frequency ranges, dynamic ranges and suiting differerent application situations.

To select the microphone that suits your specific measurement needs, your considerations can most likely be summarized as:

Prepolarized vs. Externally-polarized
• Free-field, Pressure or Random-incidence
• Dynamic range & Frequency range

Consult our microphone guide to learn more about selecting the right microphone.

GRAS 40EN 1" Ext. Polarized Pressure Microphone

Freq range: 2.6 Hz to 8 kHz
Dyn range: 9.6 dBA to 146 dB
Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa

GRAS 40EN 1" Ext. Polarized Pressure Microphone

The 40EN is an IEC 61094 WS1P 1" externally polarized pressure microphone. It is a 1" pressure microphone that is ideal for measurements in couplers used for testing earphones. When flush-mounted, it can measure sound pressures at boundaries. It is highly suited as a laboratory-standard microphone...